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Monday, November 12, 2007

November Flower of the Month

Coffee Plant (Caffeineinsis Zabawaiia)

The Coffee Plant nonnative species introduced from South America, is found throughout North America in rural as well as urban areas. Found growing wild, along roadsides and fields, it is also well adapted to garden settings and seems a popular landscape plant around cafes and restaurants.
This plant is easily identified, when in bloom, by its large blue, three inch cup shaped flowers and red and yellow can shaped fruit.
Considered an invasive/problem plant by some, once established, it spreads easily and takes over the area where planted.
Although of little nutritional value, Caffeineinsis Zabawaii is an important plant. Students, truck drivers, medical workers, bloggers, and many others find the extract brewed from the seeds of this plant an important and in many cases a necessary addition to their daily diet.
The ground, dried seeds from this plant, commercially grown, are found in grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the United States.

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