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Friday, February 22, 2008

Gray Field Speedwell

Gray Field Speedwell (Veronica polita)
The Gray Field Speedwell, an introduced, weedy plant from Asia/Europe, now found scattered across the eastern half of the United States, grow in lawns and open fields in early spring, sometimes in mass. These low, sprawling plants produce beautiful, small, one eighth to one half inch blue flowers with darker blue veins, which grow at leaf bases. The stems and toothed leaves are roughly hairy.
The two species, Veronic polita and Veronica persica are very similar and easily misidentified. The visible difference between them is minor with V. persica having flower stalks longer than their leaves while V. polita have flower stalks shorter than their leaves. The species, Veronica persica is considered weedy and found across most of the United States.

Parts of this plant can be eaten raw or cooked.

Do not ingest any plant or plant parts since many similar poisonous species may be easily misidentified and cause illness or death in humans.

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