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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yellow Puff

Yellow Puff (Neptunia lutea)

       Blooming in late spring to early summer the Yellow Puff or Neptune, a native of the United States, is found in the south central and some south eastern states. The yellow flowers, similar in appearance to the Sensitive Briar (Schrankia uncinata), are one half to one and a half inch yellow globular shaped clusters found at the end of low sprawling branches.
       The yellow flowers are very small with five petals. The overall look of the flower is produce by the numerous yellow tipped stamens.
       The leaves are two to three inches long, are sub-divided into eight or more one quarter inch leaflets which close at night, cloudy weather or in response to touch. The leaflets as well as the stems are roughly hairy.
       The Yellow Puff thrive in seemingly barren soils.

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