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Friday, August 29, 2008

Flowering Spurge (August Flower of Month)

Flowering Spurge (Euphorbia corollata)

       The Flowering Spurge, found in the eastern half of the United States, blooms from mid summer into fall. As with other species in the Spurge family the flowers are very small. The Flowering Spurge have green centers and flowers to 1/8th inch wide and larger that are surrounded by five larger white, round petal like bracts, which produces a one half inch flower head. The plant may grow to heights of 36 inches with oblong leaves 1.5 inches long.
     Other members in this family include Snow on the Mountain (E. marginata), Snow on the Prairie (Euphorbia bicolor) and the Christmas Poinsettia (Poinsettia pulcherrima).
       Considered poisonous, this plant, in the past, has been used as a laxative (purgative), for treatment of diabetes, urinary problems, and skin aliments. Due to it's toxicity it is seldom used as a herbal medicine. Other members of this family are poisonous and the sap is known to be a skin irritant.

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