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Monday, March 23, 2009

Field Pansy 2009

Field Pansy (Viola Bicolor)

       This plant commonly called Wild Pansy, Field Pansy or Johnny Jump Up, is found in the eastern two thirds of the United States.
       This small, short plant, a member of the Violet family, produces one quarter inch to one half inch blue/violet flowers with a yellow to cream center, and like its relative, the garden pansy, thrives in the cool, early spring weather. Appearing in the early spring, along with the Spring Beauty, it disappears as the weather warms.
       This plant also listed as Viola Rafinesquii, has been used for medicinal proposes and was named after the German botanist, Rafinesque Schmaltz living from 1783-1840.
       Another similar species, the European Field Pansy, Viola arvensis, an import, is considered weedy or invasive.

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