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Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Bud

Red Bud (Cercis canadensis)

       The state tree of Oklahoma and found in the eastern half of the United States the Eastern Red Bud blooms from mid to late spring.        This tree, usually short and shrubby, in the proper environment, can reach a height of 50 feet.
       The one half inch red flowers cover the leafless tree with flowers typical of those in the pea/bean family. Where there are large stands of Red Buds they form a beautiful curtain of red against the early spring green and left over winter gray.
       The leaves, heart shaped and up to six inches long, cover the tree after blooming.
       The flowers are editable and can be eaten raw or incorporated into dishes such as pancakes. The Red Bud has a pleasant tasting flower and is high in vitamin C.
       Parts of this tree has been used medicinally. The inner bark for treating fever and aliments such as diarrhea and chest congestion.
       In addition to its food and medicinal value the Red Bud has been used for making baskets.

It is not recommended that these plants be used as medicine or food since they may have bad side effects. Similar species, misidentified, may cause illness or death.

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