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Monday, April 27, 2009

Shaggy Dwarf Morning-glory

Shaggy Dwarf Morning-glory (Evolvulus nuttallianus)

       Found in the Central United States, east from Illinois and west to Utah, the Shaggy Dwarf Morning-Glory or Silky Evolvulus produces one half inch blue to purple flowers. The plants appear in mid spring and bloom through July.
       This native plant found growing in open areas in rocky, dry soil on low sprawling vines to one and a half inches long reaches heights from four to ten inches.
       The common name shaggy Dwarf Morning glory comes from the shaggy look of the very hairy one quarter to three quarter inch long narrow leaves
       The plants do not grow in large colonies and are often overlooked.
       This plant has no known food or medicinal value for humans.

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