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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Helios captares

Helios captares

       Helios captares, among the most unique creatures found on Theos, is similar to the common sunflower of Earth. Tall, rising as much as six meters off the surface of the plains they move slowly about with modified flowers that serve as feet.
       Obtaining all of its nourishment from solar energy, Helios captares captures and absorbs the energy of the sun with one large, central flower, which acts as a solar panel. This flower constantly tracks the sun, storing energy in specialized glands which surround it.
       The solar collecting flower, surrounded by smaller flowers, senses the presence of dangerous life forms such as the Raptores monarches. When in danger, the flower emits a strong beam of energy similar to a laser beam, destroying everything in its path.
       Harmless herbivores gather in the shadow of the Helios captares seeking protection from carnivores who avoid Helios captares and its deadly ray.
       Helios captares will not intentionally harm humans. View Helios captares from the ground since any flying object could be mistaken for a Raptores monarches.
Earth Reference: Common Sunflower

Artwork by Christopher Zabawa
Colorization by George Zabawa

(c) Copyright 2009 by Christopher and George Zabawa

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