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        Since space is limited here I will add photos and information about plants blooming during the current month. For more detailed information and images go to the linked address. Unless noted, all photos were taken in Oklahoma
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fallday

Happy Fallday

       The first day of fall (Autumn) in the United States, yesterday, was marked by a cool front-bringing cool, Autumn weather along with more rain to central Oklahoma. Fall of course does not mean the end of plant growing season but merely marks the seasonal transition of species (which had already started). Many late summer and fall species are still thriving and blooming such as Sunflowers, various Bonesets including my favorite, Blue Boneset, the vibrant Blue Sage, Tall Thistles and many others to numerous to mention.
       The end may be near however, since the average first freeze, according to NOAA, in central Oklahoma occurs from October 2nd to October 11th. For more information on freeze dates for specific Oklahoma cities and towns, go to the link below.

Average First Frost in Oklahoma (NOAA)

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